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Cover Photo2Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We can only imagine what an emotional and difficult decision you have ahead of you as you think about what is best for you and your child. We admire your strength and courage as you consider an adoption plan.

We’ve always wanted to be dads. As a gay couple, we also knew that adoption would always be central to our family story and we worked to build a life that would be loving and stable for a future child. Entrusting us with your child is a tremendous gift and we wanted to be certain we could honor your faith in us.

We have an active household with a wide variety of interests including sports, theater, traveling and education. We like to keep active, but we also want to ensure that there is ample time to develop a child’s individual interests. We live in a beautiful community built around families with great schools, parks and a block full of young children who would make great playmates. We also have rewarding and established jobs we are passionate about that allow us great flexibility for family life.

This past year, we welcomed an exchange student from Norway. We love learning about other cultures, so we decided to provide a welcoming home for a teen who wanted to experience the world. As first-time dads, people thought we were crazy. Who starts with a teenager? I guess us. We loved every minute (even the challenging ones), which reinforced our desire to adopt.

Family is important to us. We both enjoyed nurturing and adventurous childhoods. Our parents encouraged us to explore the world and we both have lived in other countries. But we always knew we had a loving home base. Our lives are now filled with nieces and nephews who would love another cousin!

Thank you for considering us. We look forward to having as open a relationship with you as you are comfortable with. Our family story will always start with you.

Chad & Justin
Instagram: @chadandjustinadopt

Meet Chad
Chad small
39 Years Old
Profession: Executive Director/CEO
Education: Master of Fine Arts
From: Missouri
Teacher by training, leads a theater now.
Midwestern work ethic & family values.
The steady one. Planner of the family.

Meet Justin
Justin small38 Years Old
Profession: Analyst
Education: Master of Public Administration
From: West Virginia
Started out an actor, now protects our tax dollars.
Former dual Irish citizen. Love of all things British.
The funny, ridiculous one. 

About Us
Us small
Married: 6 Years
Together: 10 Years
Live in Whitefish Bay, WI
Moved to Wisconsin in 2013
We love learning about new cultures.
We are opposites & compliment each other.